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The Art & The Artist 

The Artist

Claudine Hauke

Claudine Hauke, born in 1967 in Siegen Germany is a self-taught Artist. She finished high school with a major in Art followed by an apprenticeship in Photography.

During the 90tis she worked as a freelance Hair and Make- up for Fashion magazines, Music Videos and Film, national and international.

She kept her experimental spirit alive and works today with all kind of materials, techniques and in different mediums to achieve an often surprising and yet substantial result.

artist claudine hauke

She lived in Germany, South Africa, USA and India in the last twenty years, following her husband’s carrier, before she came back to South Africa 2011 for good. Since 2019 she lives and works in East London South Africa.

She decided to retire 2009, after moving to India, from Exhibiting her work publicly; The expectations and restriction of the Gallery world felt too much and was too stressful. She felt that it influenced her work rather in a negative way.

Nevertheless, she never stopped working over the past decade until she finally settled in East London South Africa. 2021 she decide to exhibit her work the first time in a decade; Feeling more content with her life and her work.

After years of painting in Oil she started to work more and more with acrylic paint which suited her newly developed style more because of its properties. Acrylics are drying fast und you can use almost every other medium on top.

With the time factor taken care off, her style became faster, out of motion, more freely-scribbled, even graffiti-Elements mixed with bold colors or almost monochrome. Thin lines juxta positioned or on top of solid color surfaces.

The lines have no specific semantic content; they are without the smallest meaning which leaves a vacuum to be filed by the audience.

Image and words/lines fuse to a unit free to subjective interpretation.

A Statement

What her Art is all about;

Abstract Art can express ineffable feelings about events, objects or people because it puts us in an open state of mind.

These days my process of creating is led by my emotions. Material and technique are determent by my emotional state at the time. I don’t like to interpret specific meanings into my work to explain them to the audience. I’m so lost in the process of creating that the result is rather surprising, even to me. By exposing me, bare my emotional state to be seen by everybody I hope to create a space where you as an audience can find yourself. My body of work mirrors daily events and give the observer access to a new emotional and cognitive states that usually are hidden from us in our daily life.

If your mind is open enough it will speak to you as a viewer; the Artist’s emotions at the time should step back to make room for the emotions of the observer to make a connection possible.

Abstract Art can express ineffable feelings about events, objects or people because it puts us in an open state of mind.

Even so my Art is always abstract you will find pieces which are calm, pieces which show speed and chaos right up to the edge of destruction only to be reconnected into a beautiful energetic piece of art.

Following my work, you might get the feeling that the choice of material and technique is completely random as they are changing throughout different batches of my work. Still, investigating deeper you will find stylistic similarities popping up again and again. The use of certain colors, scribbles and lines.


This freedom keeps my work interesting, fresh and new to the audience and as I freely admit to myself. Herby I maintain my creativity and curiosity to experiment.


Oil On Canvas




Water Colour

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