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How Contemporary Abstract Art can help us to get closer to a new and better future?



What kind of people do we need to create a better future? I would say People who are open-minded and can overthink complex situations. Creative problem-solver, who can bring order to chaos and create a new and better composition. Who is not afraid of change, rather wants to be a part of it. 

Don’t wait for something to happen, prepare yourself for change and be part of it.

Abstract Art in your home and workplace brings not only beauty and happiness, but also subtly broadens your mind; by simply looking at it.

Abstract Art can teach you to read complex situations, to see and feel deeper, more intense. While your eyes are looking at a symphony of colors, shapes, marks, and structures your brain start to analyze, shift, divide and shape… Until you see past the surface and specific shapes are emerging.

An ability you can gain by surrounding yourself with abstract Art, an ability that can free our society from its momentary paralysis.

Be part of the change we need.

Let’s use  Contemporary Abstract Art to our advantage.

If we want to make our life and the world a better place we need 

  • Inspiration.
  • The ability to see the bigger picture 
  • A clear and structured mind with wide-open doors for problem-solving
  • A healthy body and mind, to be physically strong and mentally at our best to withstand the challenges life throws at us

Make the Arts an important part of our education system. But even later in Life use Abstract Art to change your life.

We Contemporary Abstract Artists find constantly new ways to inspire people in the way we express ourselves, barre ourselves, in form of material, color, or a new technic. We lay the issue on hand straight out in front of the audience.

We teach to find understanding in chaos, to see the one door which gives you access to the so desperately needed solution. Abstract Art trains the eye and different parts of the brain alike. The Trainees become over time more and more skilled to bring order to the chaos.

Studies have shown that Abstract Art opens our brain to different emotional phases which are usually hidden from us.

Our mind becomes more skilled. It opens up and increases the functional speed. A Powerful, but controlled machine, ready to withstand every challenge life has to offer.

Abstract Art has also been discovered as a form of therapy. It is a tool to express emotions like anger, frustration, anxiety even depression which usually is something, People who suffer from it, are not able to express easily.

So again the randomly appearing chaos on the canvas is no chaos whatsoever, actually in therapy it is the way to bring order to the chaos of emotion we carry sometimes.

An outlet! A cure! The participant becomes healthier and stronger.

You filled your home with Abstract Art and while the same makes your home more beautiful and invigorating, it fills it with positive energy, you benefit from all the above-mentioned positive Impacts on your brain and mental health. Only by surrounding yourself with it at home, you have made yourself happier, healthier, and more successful.

So I urge you to take this concept also to work. Fill your workplace with Abstract Art, make it more beautiful and let every person around you also profit from this benefit.

 You would create a better work environment, more productive and efficient and more foremost more enjoyable.

Which equals the aquation to happier, healthier and more successful people in the world.

It is in our hands, it is our responsibility and our action that makes a difference in our life. 

Let’s do it! Let’s use the tool we have to make an impact on our life. We all will benefit from it in the end.


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