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Self-editing – For me, it’s a constant process and very Important

As an Artist, you are as good as your poorest piece of work, and the only one to determine that is yourself.

Family and friends might like it, the gallerist might like it, even a frequent customer might like it, but the only person you have to please is yourself. It shows your life, your emotions; it is your expression and it shouts in the world what you have to say, so you are the barometer to read.

I have whole batches of work which I worked over from a different time of my life and they became a completely new direction of work and much stronger and more confident.

Now I can say these paintings are me!

When I get ready for an Exhibition I always have the feeling there is one more painting to do or show. I stand in front of every single one and contemplate…

Does it tell everything I want the observer to know and/or even more?

I believe my paintings are never really finished. These pictures of my soul are evolving as I work on them and some are still doing this as my life and expectations are evolving.

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