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Art is telling a story – so get up and listen

We all have stories to tell and I, as a Contemporary Artist, hope to prepare the stage for the ones of us who have difficulties speaking up.

Art meets Poetry!!

The thought behind this particular Exhibition is to make it easier for the audience to interpret the Art. Poetry gives you one idea of what’s to see and feel. Read the poem and it might trigger your personal story. You can find it in the painting. It’s there.

Maybe it’s a different story; the Poem is only one lead to follow.



Hello there my friend
You’ve been there most of my life
At the back of my mind
Sometimes right there in front

You’ve been directing most of my life story so far
Sometimes you’ve helped
You’ve been very necessary
Held my hand a bit further along my path

Most times, I’ve noticed that when I feel like I’m stepping into my own light
You hold me back
You want to protect me
Hold me close to you
And, you think –
Keep me safe

I notice you mostly these days when something unexpected comes along
You take me right back to where you think I should be

But today, I’m here to tell you
I’m stronger now, my friend
You’ve played an important role in my journey
But from today, I choose to step into the light
My light that radiates from deep within me, to match the sun
My sheltered eyes will take time to adjust to the new light coming in
But they will adjust
They will be able to see better
To feel better
I will be stronger

I promise

I bless you, my dear friend
I let you go now
Be free…
In full gratitude
Thank You

Written by Pralene Mahabir



Join us on the 2nd of December, at 6 pm, @the Coach House of the Ann Bryant Gallery for the Exhibition Sahasra – Life is served

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