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The Ann Bryant Gallery – Art in East London

The Ann Bryant Gallery in East London is one of few places left in East London to experience Art. An old historical building with an additional Coach House situated in a small Park-like setting, in Southernwood East London. The Main House contains a beautiful permanent exhibition and the attached Coach house is the host of different Solo and Group exhibitions throughout the year.

As an Abstract Artist who has only recently moved to East London, I have to say I find myself very appreciative of this lovely Gallery Space and hope to be able to host quite a few shows myself in this beautiful setting.

This said, let me tell you about my next project which is around the Corner and held in this beautiful setting.

Sahasra-Life is served…

The Collaboration between a well-known Poet, from East London, Pralene Mahabir, and myself.

I don’t intend to reveal everything just yet, but…

  1. Colorful Contemporary Abstract Art meets Poetry on the Evening of the 2nd of December 2021
  2. Live Poetry Reading will open the inspirational evening
  3. Before being guided by the story, told by Art and Poetry the journey leads you through the gallery space.
  4. Your physical Well-being is taken care off

Canapes by the Kitchen table and Craft Gin by Stadpoort Gin will be on Sale

With this evening Pralene Mahabir and I wish to give you a place to reflect on the dying year, to come to peace with the present and the more immediate Past; gather strength and hope for the future.

As a contemporary artist, my mission is to open new emotional spaces for my audience, let the energy flow, and show you one of the many ways to deal with the Life served.

So I hereby asked you to pencil down this Date, 02.12.2021, 6 pm, and join us at the Ann Bryant Art Gallery in East London.

You the audience are important to us, without you the arts no longer survive. The audience makes us a success.

Let’s show this beautiful historical Building and its Gallery the honor of bringing it to life for one more evening of Art and Entertainment in the Year 2021.

For more information have a look here under upcoming exhibitions.

See you soon.

  • Lakritz
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