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Life is Served – Art Exhibition

Step into the World of Contemporary Abstract Art by German–born Artist Claudine Hauke guided by Poetry. She hopes to bring you, as an audience, closer to Abstract Art through the combination of her Contemporary Art and Poetry. A Guidance system!

The Art pieces are intuitive and out of motion, you can feel the speed, being lost in the Moment of Creation. No thinking, no specific composition; the result often surprising, with marks upon them, yet energetic and harmonic The Poems which have been chosen are from well – known Poets and Poets not yet known at all. They talk about life; Some are encouraging some are emotional. They tell a story, a story of life. They will give you guidance to understand and see.

Life is served…
The exhibition is chatter about Life in general and in particular.
Life is served; how we deal, is up to us.
Life is served; it leaves marks upon us
Life is served; but it makes us stronger
Life is served; it makes us more beautiful
It makes us the person we are.
Life is served…
Sometimes on a platter, sometimes in a bowl!
The Exhibition is expressive and emotional. The paintings tell a story of life
through color and structure. Take your time and find your story of life.

Opening Night 02.12.2021 at 6 pm at Ann Bryant Gallery, 9 St. Marks Rd,
Belgravia, East London

Craft Gin by Stadpoort Gin, Canapes by The Kitchen Table

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