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Abstract Art – Why I became an Abstract Painter

Often I have been asked why I have chosen abstract painting as my medium of choice to express myself. I always liked the process of creation; working with my hands is a very relaxing and satisfying process for me. Working Abstract is simple the way my brain sees the world around me.

I’m drawn to colors and structures; even a patch of old paint mixed with moos and mold on an old brick wall holds a certain beauty for me. A rusty metal piece at a chunk yard can be very intriguing and the woman in the street dressed in red, pink and orange at the same time, sends me almost over the edge. I have to get home in my studio and transform this energy; awoken in me, now rippling up and down my spine into an energy bursting painting.

Everything is allowed, every tool and material I can get my hands on. Splurging colors, roaring power tools and I spinning around with my brush and very likely color all over me fill my studio space for hours to come; until slowly exhaustion and peace takes over the scene.

Looking at the abstract painting with distance a feeling of peace and quiet takes hold of me. The chaos I felt, tamed by the process, has been turned into an object concealing this energy.

Abstract Art is a way to bring order to the chaos in my head; process the overload I’m often being confronted with.

I also work in other mediums like ceramic and photography but none of these processes is so physical; even physically and mentally exhausting. Creating a peace of Abstract Art is for me THE satisfying and a liberating process I need to feel in control of my emotions.

Being physically in the presents of an Abstract Painting intensifies the streaming and receiving flow of Energy. So don’t miss out on the next exhibition.

Go to my website and have a look at my Art in the Gallery. Let me take you on a journey of emotions. Sign up for my newsletter so that you don’t miss out on the next opportunity to be touched by my Abstract Art.



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