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Losing the ability of Abstraction – Losing the Ability of seeing Beauty

This topic is one very close to my heart.  Actually even bothersome.

The amount of people who seem to think, that they need an explanation from the artist for the particular piece of Abstract Art is bothering me.

I refuse to believe that they are not seeing or feeling anything; If I would believe this, I would have to assume that the people have become emotionally numb and that there is no way of saving our human race.

So, I rather have the suspicion that they are not confident enough to express their emotions. That society has taught them, one way or another, that it is not cool or right or even dangerous to express emotions publicly.

”Don’t wear your emotions on the outside of your sleeve. It makes you vulnerable!”

People seem to think they embarrass themselves if they speak up about emotions; seem to be scared to say something wrong.

These days showing emotion is repudiated. It makes you vulnerable!

Let me give you my job description as an Abstract Artist:

  1. Be open to emotions
  2. Control and articulate emotions
  3. Transfer my emotions in an Abstract Painting
  4. Barre them to every person receptive
  5. Let my deepest personal turmoil stream out in the world

and with that, prepare a space in which my audience is allowed to feel, to receive, and to process their feelings

  1. Finally, if I have done my job well…

Make emotions more understandable

And make you see that you are not alone with your emotions and there is an understanding and a way to deal.

Does this job description make me feel vulnerable? Yes!! Every day!!

If I lose my ability for Abstraction I’ll become numb. The ability to abstract my feelings, however bothering and confusing they are, gives me the ability to see and feel beauty.

Some days I am creating out of calmness, satisfaction, and contentment, love and strength on others out of emotional overload, uncertainty and anxiety, but nevertheless I create a beautiful piece of Abstract Art; a container full of emotions with a colorful, meaningful exterior.

Abstraction takes our brain away from reality only to open a door to access a new emotional state.

This is my present to my audience. I lay my emotions barre only to rise up again. Take a step into Abstraction – be able to see Beauty.

Don’t write Abstract Art off as something useless.

We, as an individual need to be able to see beauty; to heal, to be strong and to withstand the requirements of our reality.

So go and take a plunge in the Abstract Art World I offer you. Be strong!

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