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Whither Chemistry: The Disjunction of Dilettantism

The Art Exhibition Whither Chemistry: The Disjunction of Dilettantism opened its doors on Friday the 09th of July 2002 in the old part of

the Irle Brewery in Siegen Germany.

The Artist Claudine Hauke combined a selection of contemporary Abstract Art and colorful ceramics to emphasize the female form.

The Exhibition was an impetus to discuss the widely socially dictated beauty image of the female form and the implications within.

Bright colors and round forms adorn huge Canvases and ceramics to fill the audience with positivity and acceptance. The motto seemed the bigger the better. Even the round and rather boldly pictured Female figures trigger far more the feeling of comfort and shelter than a rejection or revolution.

The introduction was made by Wolfgang Suttner from the Kultur Buero in Siegen.


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